Monday, June 8, 2009

One more post before I head to bed,

I was thinking. Once I'm done with my denim lesson what could I move on to. I want to help answer all the fashion and fashion faux-pas questions you maybe have and never asked. At the bottom of this post is an option to comment. Click on that and comment. Tell me what stresses you out when you go shopping and why, what clothing do you like to buy and what clothing piece are you have trouble finding the one that is right for you. Like say you haven't found the perfect little black dress for yourself becasue everyone you try one just doesn't seem to be " the one". I want to know and want to try to help!

thats all for now folks

On the next episode I will be giving examples of lower price range jeans for those of us who can only spend or only like to spend under $100 on your jeans.

Also after pancake tuesday is completed we will move on to Rich and Plentiful Booty.

See you next time!

Medium Price Range time

Alright for the majority of us we like to spend money on our jeans we just can't afford the $300 for True Religions or similar brands so a great mid price option is Guess. They always have great fit and prices are not too scarey! We will start off the a skinny jean with a party going on in the back. These jeans are great and will make your little pankcake butt look bootylicious. They are the Kyle Skinny Jeans in Hayley Wash. They are $128.00 CDN on their website, you can get them at:|3738=&image=W9J115D92A0-HARL

Pancake Tuesday continues

If you want to go for a more relaxed baggy fit without totally losing your ass in the jeans try Women's Jordan Boyfriend Jean - Gunsmoke from True Religion Brand Jeans ( $246.00 USD), not only with they be comfy anf stylish but you butt will look plump and juciy. You can find them at:

As we have pancakes for breakfast we will start with the flat butt.

To all my flat butted fabulous female friends out there, here are a few tips for when you go jean shopping which I was inspired to find examples of from the article I told you about in my last blog. So lets get to it.

To help add the illusion of a full butt get a jean or pant with flap pockets on the back. Embroidery or thick embroidery is even better as it adds even more depth to your backside. I found some great examples at a higher price range at True Religion Brand Jeans.

1.Women's Cassidy - True Grit $233.00 USD (as seen in pictures above) on their online store, you can buy them here:

The Butt Is a Big Thing.

So when it comes to picking jeans women all over the world encounter the same problem. How do I know which style of jeans will make my butt look the best it possibly can? Don't pretend you haven't asked yourself that while plucking through a stack or rack of jeans. Who wants jeans that give you flat butt, or saggy butt or omg girl your butt is going to explode out of that jeans butt. So I received an email today which I thought was great. It is from Canadian Living and the title of the article was "Find the right pants or jeans to make your butt look great- By Paige Adams-Geller, Ashley Borden and Zibby Right" What more could a girl ask for? Here is the link so you can check it our yourself! There are some very helpful hints. As I go through this article I will be adding in examples of the jeans they are talking about in this article from stores you have access at all different price ranges. I will include pictures when possible.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Jessica Biffi Spring Dress

So if you want a nice light comfy spring dress for this season go to Winners and pick up the Jessica Biffi spring dress. It is made of nice light breezey fabrics in great feminine colours. She won a challenge on Project Runway for the best dress that will seamlessly bring a woman from day to night in one dress. You can pick it up at any Winners store for $99 and comes in four colours which you can see above. It's a great dress and most girls will look great in it!